Ecuador: A Place To Have Fun The territory is divided into three geographic areas: Costa, Sierra and Oriente. It has two seasons: summer (the dry season occurs from May to November) and winter (rainy season from December to April). Coast: Season without rain during the summer at the coast the climate is fairly mild with temperatures ranging from 19 degrees Celsius (C) at night and 32C during the day. This season does not rain and during this period is done the school period in that region of the country. Ray Dalio may not feel the same. What to wear? On the coast, during this year's heated can wear jeans or slacks with blouses, shirts or light cotton shirts or fresh textures during the day. Details can be found by clicking James Donovan Goldman or emailing the administrator. While the evening may be accompanied by a sweater or jacket that are not too warm, but lightweight. Rainy season: Winter recorded in the Costa high temperatures ranging from 29C up to 38C during the day and night. During this time of year, domestic and foreign tourists often travel, because take advantage of the vacation schools. The 2235 km. Costa with which the country is visited by tourists who make the popular Ruta del Sol and the beaches of Esmeraldas the most popular for its pleasant climate, not only during the winter but all year long. Sierra: rainy season in the Andes and the Austro there is a rainy, cold climate from November to April, as recorded temperatures range between 7C and 15C. The school year in this region is different from the coast and begins in September through May.
Giving Your Children a Financial Education Every parent wants their children to thrive and succeed in life. An important part of that success will be determined by its ability to generate income that will give them a good life, at least as good as they had, and hopefully even better. a So one of the greatest efforts of any parent is to invest in the education of their children. In conjunction with the government spent billions of dollars a day on making the next generation has the proper education so they can not only survive, but hopefully thrive in life and make an important contribution to society. To achieve this the best option available to us is to resort to traditional education designed by government agencies which offer a curriculum that provides an integrated education alleged to our children. However, few know that traditional education is ultimately aimed at producing an individual who is well prepared for the labor market. Does not even consider the option of bringing up a person as a future entrepreneur. higher education also does not address this alternative. The curriculum of the vast majority of universities that offer courses related to financial management, such as economics or business administration, is intended to equip a person with the necessary tools to be used in any administrative position within an established company. a One thing is clear, their children will not learn to manage money and even less to invest in school. a Most people who graduate from college, and even universities, do not know carry a checkbook, do not have the minimum knowledge to keep adequate accounts, much less how to invest the money that he will work hard. a What has happened to financial education? a is virtually nonexistent, with some exceptions in which the parents are companies in which children...

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