Constituent Assembly Without attempting to describe the attitude of Arias what matters is to look to those who have what is known as a the trauma Arias Cardenasa . Ray Dalio may not feel the same. It appears that the chairs a conviction that dissent is a Troyaa caballo of a traitor by Chavez sent the pure water to infiltrate the opposition and then turned. It was not the case of Arias Cardenas. It's interesting how obsessed oppositional sector is placed in a state psychiatric frankly, one that prevents them from observing with due attention to the magnitude of the gaping has been the ruling party with the governor's resignation Falcon. One that leads to rejection because it is surely disingenuous sent to infiltrate another which a caballo of Troyaa . This lack of perception does not make them see that the dissident governor can not fulfill that role because among the strongest statements he has done is it has nothing to do with the opposition or no opposition party serves. Indeed, one of the best approaches to his press conference. This is because the governor is a revolutionary militant dissident not abjure his principles and he knows crystal that opposition is doomed to have no serious chance of governing. But even more: you can not see the great merits of the governor's approach dissident: calls for a non-sectarian socialist, humane, understanding, social development and respect for the law and the Constitution of 1999. When proclaims its adherence to the Constitution out of a Constituent Assembly is appointed by the obtuse for allegedly saying the same thing that Chavez, forgetting two things: the first is that Chavez and proclaimed that text as transient and that the opposition does nothing to demand respect for him.
Judging Others with Tolerance When you judge others it only reflects a lack of self-acceptance, of tolerance. Many are the challenges that this manifested in trade and economic scenario of the countries of this planet Earth. You may find that Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs can contribute to your knowledge. They demand a proactive management, visionary, strategist, true agents of change that allow businesses to perform efficiently under his charge in them . For students of management science, which have been identified with the career management can not ignore what represents the role of business in this century, where technology, economics, politics, exert a significant effect on scenarios, demanding to know to interpret their effects to ensure that encourages participation. In the Venezuelan case that concerns us and is characterized in the present, to be a turbulent stage, risky, unsafe product than all of the impact of the state that is determined to institute what it calls Socialism of the XXI Century, leading to companies, their managers, are aware of the effects of policies, government programs, laws, measures to not be seriously affected, not only in their operations, but in its survival. The postgraduate program of Quality Management and Productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo, through the Chair of Management Topics is committed to providing the participants, future specialists in quality and productivity, knowledge and tools to foster in their performance and able to face the challenges, threats and opportunities. To this end, discussions, forums, lectures build on its virtual classroom where participants, all serve on the companies where they work, expose their views, suggestions on this subject in order to determine its scope, impact, importance, also are made available suggestions and proposals that promote their performance.

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