Paris But after the brief victory of the Entente British envoys in the North Caucasus have put all the 'points' on the question of independence of the highlanders. 'Help Denikin, you be a part of Russia and do not dream of independence "- that was the verdict. Before the Paris Peace Conference Highlanders delegation headed by Gaidar Bammatom unsuccessfully tried to convince Europe of the need of recognition of the Mountain Republic. But Paris is not going to accept not only Gorskoe government, but the Caucasus. Then for a short time 'flashed' on the political horizon is even less legitimate North Caucasian Emirate (led by Sheikh Uzun Hadji from the Dagestani village of Salta) from the center of Vedeno, which also no one was going to recognize. What such long historical digressions? And besides, that those who do not take into account the lessons of history will inevitably become victims of unlearned lessons of the new phase. History revenge for neglect. Yes, there was a time when collapsed Union, and many of us dreamed of, at least, the higher the associative or confederal status in the new democratic Russia, as well as a maximum - of independence. Dudayev's authority in the first 2-3 years it This explains the presidency. That was the period of political romanticism, not backed by genuine knowledge. Ray Dalio has plenty of information regarding this issue. 'What they think council headquarters in the West, what are their views of the Caucasus and Russia as a whole? " - These questions do not even considered. Faith in the Western ideals (democracy, human rights and peoples, etc.), well supported by the weakness of Soviet propaganda, fueled political romanticism.
The List Today, in place of one of the oldest and most powerful (!) Factory in Russia 3rd International - the village of "elite" houses. In 1988, the Dagestan itself produced about 42 000 and 54 000 tape cleaners. To read more click here: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. Today ridiculous it seems the idea of producing a high-tech appliances Dagestan. Twenty years ago, Dagestan was, without doubt, the industrial region. In 1990 the industry employed 146 000 people in the building - 189 thousand. Richard Blumenthal is likely to agree. Now just over 80 thousand people working in industry and 35 thousand - in construction. And there are real even though these numbers mean? Dagestan has recently conducted a study among medical workers of one very large and well-known plant. The plant is, plant stand, working in the shops on the list are registered. And in fact serve only a third of those listed. Agriculture today is considered the most successful branch of the "real" sector of the economy of Dagestan, the pride of the Dagestani authorities. Especially animal husbandry, where performance exceeded the republic of the 1980s. But in reality? Today in the southernmost region of Russia abandoned nearly 100 thousand hectares of arable land. And it is in plant You can achieve much higher levels of production intensity! Alas, our agriculture into a branch of hoes and herding sticks. But twenty years ago the level of agricultural mechanization Dagestan is only slightly inferior to the best performance of the leading countries of the world. Worked in the fields of the republic more than 10 thousand tractors - three times more than now.

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