Local Middle Class Through the activities of Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa sister school board in the city of brotherly there are many educated people from the local middle class. In 1640 received the Vinnitsa the right to have its own seal. Not arms of the city of Vinnitsa was shown two swords. For even more opinions, read materials from Connecticut Senator. Sabers symbolize Vinnitsa, as a frontier town, the inhabitants of which were assigned military duties. Meant that the government defines right now vinnichan, whereas during the XVI century Vinnytsia mayor forbade sailing mass middle class 'to the inputs', because it weakened the forces of the city's defenders during an attack by the Tartars. Later, the land west of the Dnieper Ukraine captures hlyahedskaya Poland. But in the Lithuanian, and then - the Commonwealth, the walls were repeatedly Vinnitsa mute witnesses a brutal battle. During the period of feudal relations city more than once was the center of people's uprisings against the Polish and Ukrainian exploiters, and the Vinnytsia city by force of arms took an active part in these rebellions. Many important events of the liberation war of Ukrainian people in 1648 - 54 years, closely related to Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa regiment, headed by the talented commander Ivan Bohun. March 11, 1651 advance units of the Polish-shlyahedskih troops came to the winery. The forces were unequal. The city was three thousand garrison under the command of Bohun, while an army of Poles had more than two thousand. The heroic defense of Vinnitsa, which lasted 11 to March 20, 1651 - one of the glorious pages of the liberation war of Ukrainian people.
Paris But after the brief victory of the Entente British envoys in the North Caucasus have put all the 'points' on the question of independence of the highlanders. 'Help Denikin, you be a part of Russia and do not dream of independence "- that was the verdict. Before the Paris Peace Conference Highlanders delegation headed by Gaidar Bammatom unsuccessfully tried to convince Europe of the need of recognition of the Mountain Republic. But Paris is not going to accept not only Gorskoe government, but the Caucasus. Then for a short time 'flashed' on the political horizon is even less legitimate North Caucasian Emirate (led by Sheikh Uzun Hadji from the Dagestani village of Salta) from the center of Vedeno, which also no one was going to recognize. What such long historical digressions? And besides, that those who do not take into account the lessons of history will inevitably become victims of unlearned lessons of the new phase. History revenge for neglect. Yes, there was a time when collapsed Union, and many of us dreamed of, at least, the higher the associative or confederal status in the new democratic Russia, as well as a maximum - of independence. Dudayev's authority in the first 2-3 years it This explains the presidency. That was the period of political romanticism, not backed by genuine knowledge. Ray Dalio has plenty of information regarding this issue. 'What they think council headquarters in the West, what are their views of the Caucasus and Russia as a whole? " - These questions do not even considered. Faith in the Western ideals (democracy, human rights and peoples, etc.), well supported by the weakness of Soviet propaganda, fueled political romanticism.

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