Presidential Secretariat In the case of parliamentary elections next Sunday is guaranteed to overcome the electoral threshold to the BYuT and the Party of Regions with high probability - NU-NS. Close to the bridge this barrier CPU and Lytvyn Bloc. Earlier this year, the most relevant and resonant events in the life of the country are beginning discounted payment of contributions to citizens-depositors of the Savings Bank of the USSR, as well as a parliamentary crisis, the cause of which has the appearance letter to NATO Secretary General, signed by the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on granting Ukraine a NATO summit in Bucharest, the possibility of joining the Plan Action on gaining membership in the alliance. Residents all over the country as a whole reacted positively to the beginning of payment of contributions of impaired citizens-depositors of the Savings Bank of the USSR. However, the level of the organization paid about half of citizens evaluates as unsatisfactory. More than half of the country's citizens have not taken the opportunity to obtain discounted contributions, but they want to do it soon. Nearly half of residents country as a whole negatively assessed the occurrence of the letter of granting Ukraine the possibility of acceding to the Action Plan on gaining membership in NATO. The number of negative evaluations of events increases sharply with West (18%) in the South East (71%). In general, the population of the country believes that the letter to the Secretary General of NATO to grant Ukraine the possibility of acceding to the plan of action for gaining membership in the alliance would help deepening the split in Ukrainian society, but also lead to a deterioration of relations with Russia. Citizens believe that it belongs to them the right to take...
State Construction and Israel in connection with the fact that Iran, as in previous years, in terms of our military rearmament continues to rely on Russian arms suppliers, but also at strengthening and deepening the development of its missile technology base. But as Washington and Tel Aviv to "prove" to the world that Tehran allegedly continues to be "a threat to civilization?" Naturally, the only attempt to artificially link the aspirations of Iran to strengthen the missile component of the their defensive armed forces with advanced development of nuclear activities - say, the rocket needs Iran in order to then (!) to spread on their nuclear warheads. Which yet, but they seem to be coming soon ... Whence a "fear" and undisguised hatred of Iran? During all the reign of the current State Construction in Iran - the Islamic republic from its territory did not start no war, did not come to any political and, especially, armed harassment of any kind was a neighboring state. In contrast, there were constant attacks on Iran, not to mention Saddam Hussein's Iraq waged an aggressive expansionist war against Iran, which protege (togda!) West defeated. After that, during the reign of Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Ciller, the aggressive U.S., Israeli and Turkish political and military establishment tried to start a war between Turkey and Iran (1995-97).. The collapse of plans for military overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the enslavement of the West of the country led to the fact that Turkey, Iraq, and subsequently (since coming to power in Kabul terrorist organization, "Taliban"), and Afghanistan, at least 10 years are used by the Americans and the Israelis to carry out sabotage and subversive activities against Iran.

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