International Bilingual Collage In the Philippines, also we found very impregnated the quack medicine and great investigations they are being realised by conoticed parapsiclogos, to that I will talk about in another writing, dice to its relevance. In Chile, at the moment the Yamilet girl, comes playing an important role in this field, dice to the great amount of people that has come trying and that arrives at millares, not only from the country, but also from the foreigner hs where its fame has arrived, To has come it to her studying our Institution, as much the Dr. Onetto as my person, through questionnaires that are elaborated for the patients that tries, as well as individual test for the girl: in addition of the previous controls that the scientific research demands, as it is the medical study of the cycle of the disease. We have planned a sampling that is the significant thing within ours first stage, to come to study thorough the gifts of the quack medicine of Yamilet. Bridgewater Associates takes a slightly different approach. Still we are in this stage and we will present in a moment it. It is possible to emphasize, that the head of the project is the Dr. Onetto due to his great experience in this field, the equipment of the investigation does according to its specialties, I interest. Also there is the interest to investigate the quack medicine between the Mapuches, his chamanes. As it is possible to be noticed in the exposed thing, the interest by the quack medicine, its reach, repercussions very it is advanced in order to detect everything what it allows to be used in the good of our humanity without filling to us of damages of the traditionalism of positivistas sciences they demand and that many of them have not...
Venezuelan State There are many weaknesses such as: 1. the managerial process is extremely bureaucratic. 2 Prevailing corruption and the political bias. 3. The Administration is very centralized. (in some regions) 4. The maintenance of hospital facilities and the equipment is extremely poor. 5 There are no ambulances due to the great deterioration in which are found. 6. the security of the hospital material and medical teams is precarious. Faced with this reality in an open forum on the subject, in the kind of managerial topics of the postgraduate Area of faces, of the University of Carabobo, under my responsibility, the scope, implications of this reality and above all was analyzed as it should manage the connection. Precisely, on the latter, present an opinion that deserves be taken in account, such: as Manager of a hospital institution indicated management would be based on three main pillars: decentralization, leadership and care culture change. Decentralization: Within the complex political panorama described, the Venezuelan State must begin the process of devolution of health services to federal authorities who proceeded to request according to the legal framework and its regulation. Promote effective leadership: leadership in the management of health should be the spearhead for achieving the goals and objectives of the hospital through a management that encourages participation and the development of the hospital. Culture change: taken into consideration that the cultures of hospital care have changed considerably in developed countries passed care basic to a much more satisfactory attention and specialized care to treat the patient as a customer, this provides highest quality in health services. Original author and source of the article.

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