Venezuelan State There are many weaknesses such as: 1. the managerial process is extremely bureaucratic. 2 Prevailing corruption and the political bias. 3. The Administration is very centralized. (in some regions) 4. The maintenance of hospital facilities and the equipment is extremely poor. 5 There are no ambulances due to the great deterioration in which are found. 6. the security of the hospital material and medical teams is precarious. Faced with this reality in an open forum on the subject, in the kind of managerial topics of the postgraduate Area of faces, of the University of Carabobo, under my responsibility, the scope, implications of this reality and above all was analyzed as it should manage the connection. Precisely, on the latter, present an opinion that deserves be taken in account, such: as Manager of a hospital institution indicated management would be based on three main pillars: decentralization, leadership and care culture change. Decentralization: Within the complex political panorama described, the Venezuelan State must begin the process of devolution of health services to federal authorities who proceeded to request according to the legal framework and its regulation. Promote effective leadership: leadership in the management of health should be the spearhead for achieving the goals and objectives of the hospital through a management that encourages participation and the development of the hospital. Culture change: taken into consideration that the cultures of hospital care have changed considerably in developed countries passed care basic to a much more satisfactory attention and specialized care to treat the patient as a customer, this provides highest quality in health services. Original author and source of the article.
Russian Federation The law lists the specific forms providing legal aid. Providing advice and briefs on legal issues orally and in writing to provide public awareness regarding the content of the current legislation. Counsel provides advice and information regardless of whether is there a specific legal relationship or information caused by the simple interest of the citizen. It is unacceptable that the lawyer put forward a condition for providing information further conclusion of the contract for legal assistance. It should be borne in mind that the institution of representation and credentials of the representatives are detailed in each industry and require specification depending on the legal relationship arising. For even more details, read what Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs says on the issue. Consultation is a clarification of existing legislation, a certificate - information about the content of those or other provisions of law. It is desirable that the lawyer has provided advice and information provided immediately after the call to him a citizen. However, in the absence of reliable information from a lawyer he should postpone his visit to a later, and most seriously study the issue. As an alternative exit may be offered to seek similar advice from a colleague who specializes in this area. Forbidden to give incomplete unspecified and the more wrong answers to questions that are the subject .V accordance with Art. 53 of the Federal Constitutional Law of 21 July 1994 N 1-FKZ "On the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation 'counsel may be representative of the parties in the constitutional proceedings. Powers of attorney 'confirmed by relevant documents. " In civil proceedings, citizens may conduct their case in court through their representatives.

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