Shiite Muslim Now comes a rather contradictory messages due to the fact that the notorious "six" in the West plus Russia and China have once again asked Iran to give up part of their sovereign government rights in connection with the place of enrichment and obtain nuclear fuel for Iran's nuclear power plants. In short supply of the West, which, in principle, supported by Russia and China, continue to "play concern" about the possibility of acquiring technology to Tehran development of weapons-grade uranium, the following: that Iran has already managed to enrich and managed their own resources, it remains to Tehran, but that nedoobogatil, transfers of some third party, with appropriate technological possibilities. A little "scandal" in the problem of so-called "Iranian nuclear issue" has arisen relatively recently, when the West failed to find another previously unknown Iranian secret nuclear facility - a sacred Shiite Muslim city of Qom around the world. However, this hype has settled, when Iran agreed to the admission of IAEA inspectors at the facility. What was contained in the report by IAEA inspectors Kuma - do not undertake to say, but on his return from Tehran, they expressed satisfaction. And as you can see from their statements, a visit to an object in Qom not really shake their belief that Iran still maintains its nuclear development for peaceful purposes only. Therefore, the continuing insinuations Americans and Israelis have to say the least, few people are convinced. Rather, it makes sense to draw attention to the obvious concern about the U.S.
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