Historical Evolution With the historical evolution of the society, today the school if presents as responsible institution for the access to the information and transmission of the knowledge socially constructed, as well as, the socialization of the people. The education must guarantee the equality of chance for all in the combat to the social exclusion. Although its paper and the fact of that the inclusion of the pupil with deficiency in the regular school is a right guaranteed for the legislation, many preconceptions still becomes gifts in the pertaining to school community. These preconceptions, in a general way, elapse of the ignorance, recklessness, superstition, lack of information and conceptions missed on the subject. We know that the subject still little is argued in the pertaining to school institutions, does not have moments of collective reflections on this question, so little, are offered to the educators courses of continued formation or specializations that clarify the doubts and assist to face the real necessities presented. Moreover, to receive a pupil with deficiency in a common classroom implies in diverse changes, over all in the activities of education and this, many times scares the educators of regular education who do not have formation, accurately for the fear to face what it is presented as a new situation. This distrust can take the professors to have a resistance in working with the carrying pupils of deficiency, generated for the lack of knowledge in as to deal with these children and, thus, they are taken by an unreliability feeling to assume an inclusive work.
Janeiro Culture We can observe, therefore, that those elements that identify in them or that they identify the locality where in them we find, or still, that they characterize our identity is what becomes in them different. There nobody leaves Rio De Janeiro and if dirige the Parintins, thinking that it will find a great manifestation carnavalesca. In the same way that if a gaucho arrived at any of our cities, in the interior of Rondnia, and them it saw preparing baked meat would know that this is not ' ' form gacha' ' to prepare a barbecue. This means that receiving influences exactly external or in its origin, the locality where we live is different, therefore possesss a proper identity. E this identity the local culture was produced by the action of the social actors who had produced this locality. The local identity, therefore, is formed in the course of history. The local identity, therefore, is not something ready, but if form and if transforms for the action human being. The man, as to be in transistion and transformation acts in the world, making of the somewhat dynamic world dinamizando the economic, social relations, politics, artistic, folclricas and everything this form the culture or the determinative elements of the culture. In this process the man, diligent being, create culture and the cultures identify human groups, distinguishing the societies. The man produces culture where he lives and culture differentiates the local it identifies and it. Therefore the action human being, who is a cultural action, will be always only what it identifies in them and it differentiates in them.

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