Divorce Law That it regulates the law of the divorce. The doctor Alfred Edersheim affirms that the Jewish legislation allowed to the divorce for almost all the reasons. The divorce was very common in those days, between the Jews. Jesus, in this declaration, was limiting the reasons that led to the divorce. Already we saw that the followers of the school of Hiller found that they could be divorced its women indiscriminately: it was enough not to prepare a good food, to put much salt in the soup, or simply not to find so pretty how much in the day knew that it. In hypothesis some Jesus argued the validity of the rule mosaic. It said: ' ' Also he was dito' ' , mentioning the law to it of Moiss (Dt 24,1-4). ' ' I, however, say ' to you; ' in this expression it was making restrictions, as speech made many times in this exactly, in regards to the law. The law did not leave the reason clearly for the divorce. The expression ' ' thing indecente' ' it is much vacant. The men, therefore, had invented many arrangements, using Dt 24,1 to consubstanciar its peculiar interpretations. The law left clearly that the divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond. The bases for the divorce had been of interminable debates between rabbis during all the Temple as subjects period. If the divorce had been total revoked, would be registered, in this ticket or any another part of the New Will, however this was not registered. It says the Theological Historical Encyclopedia of the Christian Church: ' ' If Jesus was introducing some radically new thing, would wait that this was left claro' '.
Colombian Citizens That they are human beings with the same capacities and dispositions that all the other Colombian citizens. (Source: Raymond Dalio). Force of article 23: we demanded to our nation like Colombians and children of the same mother country and owners to him of the constitution that engrandece to the same. That article 7 is not a ridicule for the companies that have taken the place from sovereign to decide who gain the bread and who starve. Since there is as no atrocious thing as to deny to the young people the development to him of his labor and social capacities. ARTICLE 4. The Constitution is norm of norms. In any case of mutual incompatibility between the Constitution and the law or another legal norm, the constitutional dispositions will be applied. Reflection for the governors: if the Constitution is norm of norms. Because there is a norm superior to her? In this case the internal procedures of each company. Which discriminates against the young people of long hair. And soon it says: In any case of mutual incompatibility between the Constitution and the law or another legal norm, the constitutional dispositions will be applied. ntese sovereign gentleman or state that the mutual incompatibility is evident, because the constitution says to a thing and they another one. And you whom but to be able she has are the one of them we can observe that the legal reasons as it is the case of the companies or companies in all the Colombian territory. They govern the life and the form to be of natural reasons that is to say: the life of all the Colombian citizens. That one does not say of you governing gentlemen, who in Colombia the individual rights of a few prevailed over the collective rights of a whole...

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