Felipe Caldern Of simultaneous way, was to rescribir the history of the crime of State to exculpate before the public opinion to its intellectual people in charge. It is what Luis Navarrese Hernandez deduces of the massacre in Acteal, and when rescribir the history of the crime, she has been, the intellectual and material people in charge of the executed action, also by position or unloading of that bring back to consciousness critical annex to them the arguments of intellectuals, political journalists and analysts who tend to deny the social criminalization and the political crime like crimes of the Mexican State. In the rural lot and the urban waiting room of the social outbreak with the hacendaria rise in the taxes and the prices in power products, who knows if nonconformity is going to be contained in its gradual and possible organization from the popular social bases that yes exist and have been to the slope than the government of the Republic it did, does and will do: perhaps it changes or it turns his militarized economic policy, is more feasible the stick with the change of direction in a national agreement that has been united with the supporting approval of the Senate that presides over chucho PRD member of Carlos Navarrete. Yes, in a country of shades where the corrupt ones are the rich ones and privileged of the political power, economic, social and cultural, a spark that sets afire the anger perhaps is criminalized with venia of the intellectuals like Hctor Aguilar Camn and of the politicians like Carlos Navarrete. Read more can provide more clarity in the matter. The anger that is part of the social impotence and the same anger of the human being, in Mexico has the reward of the stick and the repression as it is...

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