The Constitution I dialogue it with all room on this subject, is a coherent form to educate and to work psychological of the pupil, being thus led the child to inside create of itself some before not boarded concepts inside of classroom. Positive factors between the children are seen every day between palms and compliments, we make the distinction of the certain missed e, and are introduced in the new mind of the child behavior rules, that are absorbed every day by the future citizens. However, it has you vary children who if detach inside of the institutions, children special when they are distinguished in relation other children is reason of joys, therefore we have an individual that endowed with hope, will and forces to surpass the old difficulties. Such successes normally must it reciprocity between pupil and professor, success of the special pupil is almost always fruit of an effort that most of the time requires years of persistence and mainly love of the professor to the profession. The special calls classrooms were an advance in the education, this in the decade of 80 and 90, however the successes in elapsing of the sequential stages were not very significant, this however would be for the lack of special aid or including these new pupils in other classrooms not special. Many of these pupils finished giving up its studies and some came back toward the APAE, and the maiorias of them did not finish nor education basic and are rare exceptions where the pupil obtained to enter the work market soon after to have left the classroom, or even though in a course of superior level. The used method for the inclusive education is, to thus follow the child since the first day of lesson establishing goals of learning to the pupil....

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