Gianni Rodari And although the writer himself later spoke highly ironic about his teaching activities, he managed to awaken the thirst for knowledge in their students, send them to an independent study items, get them to think creatively. Like many young Italians, he was fascinated by politics at first, "Blackshirts", promising "a new free world." Rodari even nearly joined their ranks, but after seeing what turns blooming native Italy under Mussolini's fascist hordes beetle-crusher, in horror and disgust recoiled. By the Nazis killed two closest friends Rodari, and his brother Cesare became a prisoner camp. Gianni Rodari trying to help Italy in the ranks of the Resistance and after the war, trying to contribute to the creation of himself, a new, ideal world where everyone is equal and all are free, he joined the Communists. Here, Raymond Dalio expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Time has shown that the ideas of communism proved to be a utopia, but Gianni Rodari really managed to create a wonderful world. There is no place of lies and malice, and you can win any injustice, it appreciates beauty, true friendship, cherish the love. This world is quite real, each of us can find himself in it by reading tales of Gianni Rodari. Contrary to the cheap popular, cloying characters, which abounded in the then Italian children's literature, he makes heroes of their tales of desperate fidgets, sly and merry scamps. The heroes of his tales have the generosity and sincerity, they are always ready to help and capable of the most loyal friendship, he hates hypocrisy and greed. Why is it affecting tale the most sensitive strings of our hearts? Is it because that Gianni Rodari always wrote about what he knew, saw, felt that to really upset him. Pain, hatred and fear of the...
Modern Poetry It just so happens that I do quite a long time poetic technical support site. In this situtsii perforce begin to delve into the essence of the phenomenon called modern poetry. Of course, I judging from their point of view, with the reader. Nevertheless, for some reason, wanted to share my observations. It will, of course, on a network of poetry, but it is suspected that the whole of modern poetry (or almost all) have already moved the network. It turns out that in the poetry itself is not so simple. Will you come here on the Stanza, and like myself write poems citizens for his own pleasure, and recklessly graphomaniac praising each other, maintain morale. That's what she and Stanza - portal, a national server. It's not for poetry websites, editorial policies here, but where politics, there is interesting. Here and it turns out that in modern poetry, no matter how vague because of the huge number of writers who did not seem this phenomenon, there are different trends. Some, for example, are ardent supporters of the preservation of the classical system of prosody, with all iambs, choir and amphibrachs, but just as active opponents of the so-called hackneyed rhymes (meaning the exact rhyme). This is perhaps the largest army of servants of the Muses. The works of the proponents of this system of versification, generally distinguished by conspicuous lyubitelschina, lack of interesting content and a low of speech. I plagued by vague doubts, in the words of a famous character that the whole system and was invented only to justify his own poetic failure.

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