Achieving Excellence It is very assertive when it is said, that only very capable administrators and rectors of universities can achieve that excellence. A corollary is the growing struggle to attract and retain highly skilled managers, that does not prevent maintaining a style of coordination, identifying and disseminating best practices in the search for a more efficient public service. A good university management through a SWOT may give way to manifest all the weaknesses that universities in the here and now present, it is need to plan operations, strategies, tools that lead to changes that become strengths, assess the effectiveness of existing administrative systems, training of professionals graduating, proper handling of talent and human resources, management of financial and technical resources, teaching, research, collaboration with national educational issues, political, productive, economic and technicians. You should avoid a good university management, who continue to express situations that have affected the achievement of results, including: Lack of strategic bakers this strategic approaches and strategies to act in a changing, turbulent, critical, risky as that faces. More training in management optimally the resources of the university in pursuit of the objectives, commitments identified in its mission. Authorities more training in the proper handling of administrative tools that will ensure good leadership profiles Reload many professions that are not annualized and ensure academic excellence Enable more research, publications, participation by the challenges the country faces. Be more proactive in the management of scientific services offers professional and qualified teaching community committed to their work of training and professional development by the country according to their specialties. Use more efficient, productive human capital of the university. We are among those that we share, in this moment of transformation challenges facing Venezuela changes, there are great opportunities for universities to make way for a new management can generate...
Troubled Assets Relief Program We are talking about GM merger with Chrysler, for Hrebiniak it makes little sense strategically. However, neither have many other options. If you need to merge with Chrysler about 10,000 million dollars in capital just to achieve integration, just to merge the two companies. It will produce many redundancies and all that. But indicates what the options are unknown. Merging. I do not think that is a good decision, but they will merge. I also think it is a sign. I think that although the Government has declared itself willing to help, really want to make a sequential process whose message is "Look. We tried to solve our problems. If we integrate the two companies now show that we are trying to do better. And if that fails, it is intolerable that so many people are adversely affected. So, ask for help the government of President Bush. If you join will be 10 000 plants. It is a figure that exceeds ten times that of Toyota. Have been considered a loan assistance request to the White House before the president leaves office Bush, however, the White House said that could possibly qualify for aid under the rescue program TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program). However, there is the question, "Should the government intervene? Should the government save GM? According to the opinion of Professor Hrebiniak, does not believe that after the tremendous assistance to financial institutions, the government feels it has no choice now. And the argument has been, if they left, the effects would be pervasive and devastating. Well, the same could be said of General Motors.

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